Is your child a budding chef  and  Age 8 +?


Kidinary Cooking Academy has the perfect program for your budding chef.  Learn more about our progressive Kidinary Arts Program. 


Kidinary Arts Program


Kidinary Cooking Academy’s mission is to change the trends of the childhood obesity epidemic! What better way to get students more excited about nutritiously delicious cooking than a exclusive culinary art programs made specifically for children.  In each class student will go through classes modeled after a kid- friendly version of culinary school broken into three phases.  

The kidinary art program is broken into three phases that allow students to reach a variety of kidinary milestones to progress through their skills. 

1 ) Cook Phase 

2) Sous Chef Phase 

3) Head Chef Phase 


In our NEW! kidinary art programs students will register for series, as usual whenever there schedule allows. Best part is there are no monthly membership fees required.   To achieve and maintain membership in the program a progression fee is to be paid whenever your budding chef transitions to a new phase of the kidinary art program. 


See more details of progression milestones below. 



How Can Your Budding Chef Join ?

To join the program simply  visit the registration page for your chef’s first series of the program and purchase a series ticket and purchase phase one of the Kidinary Chef program. If you decided to enroll after your child’s class registration closes , no worries, visit the top menu under Kidinary Chef Program to enroll your chef(s) in the program.  Easy as that.

Your chef will continue to register for series to earn patches and progress in the program. Once they complete a phase you can  simply register them for the next phase with a series ticket. 

Easy peasy lemon squeezy! 

Kidinary Chef Program Milestones

**Please note: Patches will automatically be provided for each series or camp your chef is enrolled in upon class registration for as long as they are in the program **

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